Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I woke up with a ripping headache. Now days I only get headaches when the weather is about to change. I don't get the stress headaches I used to get when we lived in town, or when I was exposed to diesel fumes working at the casino, which was a smallish river boat. So, I sit here typing and wondering about what other changes might be coming. Like Mary Poppins, you just don't know what the wind will blow in.

My daughter Bevin's baby sitter is getting out of the business, so I will be watching the boys for a while. Another change. I never get to see enough of Edgar so I am looking for ward to that part. The kids will help me get the place in shape so it is okay for me to take the time to watch the boys. That will be good too. I'm mostly concerned about the distance.... concerned about being off the place. It will be more changes.

They are going to pay me. That's another change. I tend to be one of those people who do someone a favor and then expect a favor in return later. Well, favors don't buy concrete. I have so many projects stopped for the want of concrete. Maybe one of the changes will be getting things done around here.

You just don't know until it happens. So, we will see.


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