Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're back

I am exhausted. Nothing wears you to the bone like scary doctor visits compounded with six hours worth of driving. However it was a day of small miracles. First, this time there were actually two mistakes made by the med history program. Kind of obvious it isn't me. So they added back in the drug that had been somehow dropped out in cyberspace. The other drug that keeps resetting to a different dosage they decided to just leave and told me to dispense how I chose to. Whew! no lectures!

They are going to start weaning Mac off the prednisone. They said it could be a lengthy process as he has been taking it for so long. He will still be taking the steroid gargle for now. It will be a long transition but still it is a transition that makes us feel like we are moving into a positive direction.

Mac's big miracle for the day was the way everyone came in just GLOWING! to tell him congratulations he had made it to the two year anniversary of the transplant. We kind of got the feeling that if the leukemia, the transplant or the complications were going to get him, they would have done it by now. I don't know if that is what they were waiting for or not but they let me ask questions. I got answers. I feel like I know what my job is to be for the next four months. Then he will go back over for a follow up visit.

Four months.... November 30th. It won't be hanging over our heads as we go into christmas. Whew!!


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