Monday, August 15, 2011

Thought for the day

Actually my thought for the day is actually kind of a scary thought.... Mac and I have had the best summer! The best that we have had in years. This despite starting out with torrential rains. Many people in the midwest lost their homes. The floods were followed by the heat wave from hell. There was the one Dr. visit that caused a great degree of angst..... but there was only one! And there were no hospital stays!

God knows I didn't accomplish anything here at the farm. Despite all of my plans there just wasn't any money and no equipment for heavy lifting. As a result, we sat and talked and waited. We planned. We made goals for the farm and goals for Mac's retirement. In short... we got on the same page.

So, I am sitting here looking at my half done projects, the house I can't seem to keep clean as the result of too many piles of construction materials, looking at my checkbook, that just spends too much time empty, and I can still say... this is the best summer we have had in a very long time.



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