Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have a neck injury and three herniated discs. So, about three years ago, when we bought a new mattress and box spring, we went over board a bit. This mattress, according the sales, person would do lot to help my back. I question whether or not this is true, but regardless, we have a HUGE mattress. It measures eleven inches tall. I have to buy sheets that have an eighteen inch pocket or they pop off. That makes the sheets pretty expensive.

We have had, and gotten by with, just one set of sheets for a bit over two years, then the bottom sheet kind of.... dissolved. I tried mending it but that was an extremely temporary solution. I just flop around too much for a mend to hold. Finally I decided to just do good enough and tried to find a bottom sheet only. It is getting harder and harder to find sheets that aren't in sets. The ones that you can pick up piecemeal are the cheap ones. Cheap ones don't have deep pockets.

I had to settle for thirteen inch pockets and I can't dry them in the dryer on high. Actually, I need to dry them on the line if I want to get them on the bed without giving myself a hernia. It was raining off and on yesterday so I took a risk in hanging the bottom fitted sheet on the clothes line. I kept my eye on the sky and when I saw a fresh bank of clouds coming in, I snatched the sheet off the line. Finished the sheet in the dryer on the air fluff setting and hoped that would be good enough.

It takes a process to get the sheet on the mattress. I have to do the head end first. Then go to the foot corner. Pull, pull, pull then put the third corner on. Go to the other foot corner and grab it and PULLLLL. I am usually hanging onto the corner and leaning back as hard as I can. Then try to get it over the mattress corner. Sometimes this process has to be repeated a time or two.

The good part of this is that out of necessity my sheets smell of the outdoors. The day or two after the sheets are put on the bed and have that terrific smell, I sleep hard. I dream good dreams. Last night, in my dreams I sat on a fence and watched clouds roll in and I was next to a friend. I was showing her pictures and in one picture I pointed and said, "That's my mustang mare."

It was a good sign. I'll store that one in my heart.


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