Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Death Amongst the Tomatoes

Death amongst the tomatoes... I really like that title. Sounds like an organic farmer murder mystery. Which would be kind of funny. Ironic... because we all know that it is the corporate food system that is going to kill us. ANYWAY, I had another cutting from the "experiment" die. It also looked like it should have been trimmed better and that it had probably gotten an air bubble before ever getting put into the water.

The roots are coming on better now. Enough time has passed that I am starting to see some trends. The cuttings that are in glass jars instead of plastic are doing better. The ones that are in glass AND got some eggshell are doing the best, despite the fact that they were the worst looking cuttings.

I hope this turns into a brilliantly successful venture. I am needing some successes.

The fence is painfully close, but if winter starts and I can't finish.... close just isn't good enough. It needs to be done now! The horses need to be moved NOW!

The same is true for trying to get our mileage reimbursement from the insurance company. Went through Senator Harkin's office to try to fight for this. Then we were told they had to pay it. WE need to re-submit our claim.However we have a different criteria for submission now. We need gas receipts instead of mileage. Needless to say we don't have gas receipts. All of that work and emotional investment just to get screwed again. Can't think about it. It is just too depressing. We need the money so badly.

So, I turn to my tomatoes. Sometimes I rub the leaves the tiniest bit and release that smell that reminds me of spring... it is such a living smell! Pathetic as it is, I THRILL over every little white root shoot I find. Each bit of root is a step closer to life, a step closer to a success. No more tomatoes can die. If they do the next posting will be "Corpse in the Window", which will be volume two of the organic farmer murders series.


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