Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slower Pace

I seem to be ill today. I am rarely ill since we have made our move to the country but things have been difficult lately. I had a pretty good chemical exposure recently that gave me a bad night. Took about three days before it felt like my bronchials returned to normal. Then heaped with lots of stress. Took Evelyn for several days. She is good for me but taking her home was another matter. I got to see her in full fit throwing mode.

Today I am resting and slowing down. Trying to get past the stomach that feels like a rock and extreme waves of dizziness. I keep looking out at the beautiful but windy fall weather we are having and kicking myself mightily over the time lost. I keep telling myself that I have a huge list of things to do before winter sets in.... again.

One of the things I looked forward to when we came to the little farm was the slowing down. But now that we are entrenched here without the hustle and bustle of town, I see just how fast time passes by. Each day of any season is not some stagnant event but a day that moves us closer to something and farther away from something else. Like the movements of the second hand on a clock.

With this slower pace, my perspective of winter has changed. Some people say that each season has it's rhythm. I don't see that. I see the principle of "go like hell cause winter will come around again". You only have so much time to breed, rear the young, accumulate food, reenforce your shelter and then hunker down. With luck, you will have the strength and the supplies to survive. Last year was a bad year when it came to supplies. With the intense heat the garden didn't pan out as I had hoped this last summer. I will need to find ways to compensate.

Tomorrow, dizzy or nauseous or whatever, it will be time to get back at it. Winter is coming and daylights a'burnin.


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