Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Weird Dream

I typically have weird dreams. I suppose everyone does. I try to remember my dreams because I think they are one of two things. I do believe that dreams can be of the message or premonition variety, but more commonly, I think they tend to be a window to whatever demon we are fighting at the moment. Battles that cannot be waged by day, but instead, go into the shadows at night. Either way, I examine my dreams. It seems to be the thing you should do.

Last nights dream had the usual jumping around, from one scene to another. Then we arrived in another place. It was like a huge domed football field. I have never been in one but it is what I believe it would be like. Light and airy... translucent. I was sitting next to a person that was my significant other, or at least a date. We were looking downward and about ten rows ahead of us sat Mac... with a woman. I leaned closer to the person, that nondescript person, and said, "I'm glad he is happy. I'm glad he isn't alone and Oh My God!..." They had seen us and turned and waved. The woman was wearing mostly white. She smiled and stuck out her tongue. Not in a malicious manner but more like she had been a cheerleader for too many years and truly believed that everything she did was just so damned cute. With her white attire, her head and tongue just seemed to float in the light surrounding, and what a tongue it was! The woman had a tongue like a boxer. She could have conquered empires, acquired riches or gotten any man she ever set her eyes on with that tongue! I was gobsmacked.

Then the dream jumped us to the afterwards. We were in a crowd in the concrete corridors. We saw Bevin and she had my grandson, Edgar with her. Edgar came running and I swooped him up. "Edgar! I'm so happy to see you!" Then I turned to Bevin, "We are going down ( I can't remember where) next weekend, can Edgar go with us?" At this my nondescript person said "Oh great" under his breath and then began to melt away. I clung to Edgar as the whole scene began to shift.

Then I was back on my hill, walking the ridge with a wind catching at me as I went to my horses. Then I woke up.

So, now I am left with figuring this out. Should I stay out of football stadiums? Should I keep Mac away from dog tongued women? Well, actually, I think that should just be a general rule for any wife. Don't wear white? Whatever I figure out as my lesson from this dream, that woman's face will haunt me for at least the next week. And in the meantime, I want to put in a really tough day today, because I REALLY want to sleep hard tonight! No waking up with a dream tonight!


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