Thursday, October 27, 2011

Divorce Next Door

Our neighbor guy will be getting a divorce. I suppose I am fixating on it a bit. Maybe I shouldn't, but the neighbor's missing wife, Kathy, used to say that her husband and I were alike. We were "outdoors" people. She and Mac were alike..."indoors" people. I find myself looking back at all of the times that she said, "Boy! Mac, we are so much alike! That is exactly the way I am.", and it feels me with a bit of anxiety.

Yesterday, I helped the neighbor sort cattle. It was a new experience for me. His wife had helped him occasionally. Mostly he would have her stand in a key spot to influence the cattle and she was there to call the ambulance in case he got trampled , kicked, knocked over, rolled, what have you. With Kathy gone ( to Vegas with her boyfriend, no less!) I was there to step into the cattle lot spot light. At first, I was a bit scared, but I just kept thinking about all of the Parelli horse principles that I had been taught and knew that they should work, to some extent, on all prey animals. They worked great. We got more done in less time then my neighbor thought we would. Calves sorted from mamas. Cows back into the pasture. Four mature cows that had been over to get bred were separated and trailered back home. Calves trailered to the sale barn. All accomplished in four hours, including travel time.

I have to admit, I had a great time with the cattle, but the day left me with that little niggling fear in the back of my head. Kathy and Mac, so much alike. What would I do *IF*? Depending on how Kathy pursues the divorce she could put our neighbor out of his house... off the farm that he loves. That isn't going to happen to me.

Last night, Mac got home late after school conferences. I told him about my day. All of the news about cows and Kathy. And as I finished up, I said, "And by the way, if you ever take off for Las Vegas with someone.... you're not getting my land..... you're not getting a damn thing from me.... just so you know."

"You mean, if I ever take off for Vegas with my boyfriend?", he giggled. (which was a little disturbing)

"I really don't care WHO you take off with! Just making sure you know, I'm not giving you ANYTHING."

"What makes you think anyone would have me?"

"Well, there is that."


"You're welcome"


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