Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yesterday I had a couple of small miracles. One, I FINALLY got the arbor done!! WaaHoo!! Today, if I can find my outdoor grade wiring, I can install the lights. The lights were something I promised Mac I would have done before winter, so the arbor has been weighing heavy on my mind.

My second little miracle was that I went off past the tree line and mowed where I planted sugar maples last spring. I might have lost a couple but all in all, they are looking well. The elderberries and the hazelnuts also continue to thrive. I'm encouraged.

My next item may not be a miracle yet..... more of a miracle in training. A friend of mine was posting some items from youtube of a rather amazing horseback archer from Hungary. She found his web site and sent pictures. He has this amazing fence. It looks like it sits on the ground instead of being dependent on a lot of hole digging. Then I hauled out my copies of the Lord of the Rings last night and studied up on the building of Rohan. It has allowed me to see what is possible and I'm not drowning so much in the knowledge of what has to be accomplished.

I've heard that when a person lies dying their regrets aren't about what they did but rather what they didn't do. I hope I at least try to do whatever I can imagine. I hope I don't have regrets as I lay dying. I hope I can tell the people I love, "Here is this foundation I built for you. What are you going to put on it?!" I hope I can go out dreaming more dreams, fueling more hope.



  1. As always I LOVE your blogs, Louie!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. Dito Petra! Your blog is so inspiring louie, cant wait for your book! Greetings from Helsingborg

  3. I don't think that I am inspiring. I think I am just too old and too stubborn to accept being told "NO" anymore. Not to mention that I feel absolutely driven when it comes to the little farm.

    Hey Marion, I've been missing you! Hope you haven't been sick or anything like that.

  4. Awe how nice to be missed. I had a kidneystoneoperation and needed some time out afterwards but now I'm back