Monday, October 25, 2010

Unseen Hands

Many years ago, when there was nothing but crap on TV, we sat and watched a show about famous hauntings. Most of it it was odd and unsupportable but there was one that was interesting. A school bus, for some reason, had stalled on the railroad tracks and the students that hadn't got off the bus in time were hit by the train and died. So one of the favorite late night pastimes in the area is to go park your car on the tracks. After a bit the car slowly starts to move. The movement at first is almost imperceptible. But after a short time the car is off the tracks and it stops. It's important when you go do this little experiment, that your car is dirty. If you try this with a dusty, dirty car, after it is rolled off the tracks, you will find many little hand prints in the dust.

Seeing those little hands in the dust was kind of a creepy, goose bumps moment.

This is the way it is for me here, on the little farm. I check my stats and I find that someone has read my blog in Latvia and I am amazed! then another day there will be Vietnam and Australia, Canada. South Korea was a surprise. Austria is new today. (Hello!) Not forgetting Sweden, Germany and Poland. Though one of my favorites is Slovenia. My memory could be wrong but wasn't that the homeland of Boris Badenuff and Natasha? They traveled the world hunting "moose and squirrel" which would be Rocky and Bullwinkle to most of us.... forever trying to find there way back for college .... Whatsamatta U.

I digress.

You all and the thirty-three to forty-eight readers here in the states are my unseen hands, pushing me on when I bog down in a dangerous place. Encouraging me just by being there. Sometimes when I finally find my way clear of an especially difficult task, I could swear I have your dusty little fingerprints all over my back! I'm not so alone as I often feel.

And you guys don't give me goose bumps at all!! Thanks so much for taking this journey with me.


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  1. What a sweet post blog it is....

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