Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Day

Yesterday was another day in Iowa City. It seemed like a much longer drive this time. I suppose that wasn't helped by the fact that Mac and I both had bad dreams about the visit the night before. There was construction detours when we got there. Inadequate signs telling you how to get where you need to go in all of the mess. It reminded me just how tiring stress is.

The Dr. visit was uneventful. No news. The physician's assistant that we got yesterday was nice. She showed me the GVH in his mouth, but we didn't see any lab results. We were informed that Mac had dry skin.... this was not a surprise. I have been able to "diagnose" dry skin for many, many years.

I still cannot come back from Iowa City without having to battle rushes of anger, bad memories, an occasional chest pain.

I had to use forty dollars of my birthday/christmas cash for gas and lunch. Mac says it needs to be reimbursed right away. I have no illusions about that. There won't be enough money to allow reimbursement until next May or thereabouts. The trick will be to hang on to what I have.

There is to be a snow storm this weekend. The forecast wavers about it's severity. This means that I need to get outside and work. Maybe that is the best. Get out and breathe my own air. Look at my own open skies. The problem is... the stress has been soo tiring.


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