Thursday, December 8, 2011


That is what it says on the cover of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".... Don't Panic. I'm actually thinking that I should just make a blank book with tear out pages for my to-do lists that have those exact words on the cover.... Don't Panic. I don't know...may be it should just be the first item on every to-do list. Regardless, the only way that I shall make it through the day is if I can keep myself in check.

My grandsons, Edgar and Oscar, are coming down to spend the night. They don't often get to be with us, so it needs to be an event. I have to get the house clean..... REALLY clean, as Oscar is still a crawler. I need to get the christmas tree up... stockings hung. A present wrapped and under the tree for each of the boys. Possibly one for Grandpa too. Everything has to be wonderful and the only way I can get it all done is if I DON'T PANIC!

So! Here is the plan... Go to town stop by Farm and Home store and pick up a few fencing supplies. Stop at the post office and mail some christmas cards. Run by the pharmacy and Pick up Mac's prescriptions. Stop at Dollar General for some replacement tree lights. Take cans and bottles to the redemption center. Buy groceries. Come home and start cleaning. Kitchen first... it has been getting shorted lately. Upstairs bathroom next. Sort and throw away all of the clutter on the counter. Then start from one corner of the dining area and work my way around the living room. Then Lunch!

Then clean the downstairs bathroom. Tidy up the bedroom and wash sheets. Clean the upstairs loft which has turned into a catch all area....... who am I kidding?! I'm screwed!! I'm thinking maybe it's time for me to start to panic.

I think instead... I will make fudge. Thank God everybody still loves me for my fudge! Yup, that'll work.

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