Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Stranger Arrives

Yesterday was a highly stressful day. It always is when there are bills to be paid... or especially, unpaid. But the bills were taken care of. I made my trip to the post office and picked up the two presents I had on layaway. Then I came home and took deep breaths. The best course of action seemed to be to bury myself in the mundane. I sorted papers on my desk and and started to fill out a USDA survey. Then I heard it... somewhere between a squeak and a coo. Then a small black face peered through the sidelight of the door.

I am too much of an easy touch. That's what Mac says and I kept his words of warning in my mind as I stuck my head out the door. Usually, we see feral cats out here and the sign of a human is enough to make them take off as quick as possible. This one didn't run. It attempted a weak purr. So, I got some dog food and made it a bit of a nest out away from the house. As soon as I got myself settled back at my desk, I heard the squeaky coo again. The kitten was back at the door. So I went out with an old towel and tried to make the nest a bit more "homey". This did not work. This small black creature was following me as best she could. She looked so tiny and pathetic, which earned her access to the house. I again offered food but instead she looked around, climbed into a yarn basket and fell asleep. She slept soundly for two and a half hours.

After her nap, it was time for chores. So out she went, hopefully to answer nature's bidding and Fiona and I headed out to feed the horses. I thought she had stayed by the house, but by the time I was to the feed cans I realized that she was following me in the perfect heel position. She stayed with me all the way back to the pasture. She tried to investigate the horses noses. The horses were not appreciative. Then she stayed with me again all the long walk back and followed Fiona into the house.

One eye looked a bit crossed and she seemed extremely wobbly. The eye made me think she was a bit siamese. I entertained the Idea of Clarence for a name, in honor of Clarence the cross eyed lion. Wondered if the female version would be Clarita. I watched her follow me, call to me when I moved away, I thought that if a Puritan were seeing this, I would be accused of being a witch. She seemed very much like what I believed a familiar would be like. This gave me her name... Piwacket, after the witch cat in the movie"Bell, Book and Candle"

Mac has said she can stay... but only as an outdoor cat. She is sitting on my lap now as I type. I will keep her in for food and water and for checks on condition. Oddly enough, today her eye isn't so crossed. Her coat is already in better condition. She is stumbling less, but there is nothing to her. Every bone in her body is protruding. You can't always hear her purr but you can feel it through her delicate ribs. She survived the night and now it seems, she is mine.

Piwacket is going to be a good cat. I can tell.


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