Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My grandson, Edgar, has taken a long time to decide that he likes me. He has been a "Grandpa's boy". Edgar's dad, my son in law, James said he was that way with women in general. He just naturally seemed to prefer the company of men. It was to the point of weirdness

Then this last summer, we had a breakthrough. Mac was feeling kind of crappy. But Edgar had been promised a ride on the mower. So, Grandma...that's me, went and got the key and we got ourselves going. Edgar got the five dollar tour of the farm and the horses and the pasture. We climbed over, under and around fallen tree trunks. We got dirty. At the age of three, Edgar learned that he doesn't have to be a slave to gender stereotypes and we have been great buddies ever since.

We stayed indoors more this last weekend, what with the toilet training and all, and as Edgar is a great lover of Thomas the Tank Engine, I chose to introduce him to the Polar Express. Now you have to understand that our family has a movie loving tradition. We kind of have a ritual. If a snack is required. You do it ahead of time. Then you get your quilt or blanket and we all snuggle onto the couch together.

We were all set. We had our quilt. The movie was in the player. Edgar had his peanuts and Tang. We started the movie. We hadn't even gotten through all of the opening credits when Edgar shouted, with a voice of alarm, "WAIT!!" Then he jumped up. He took off his socks. Took off his pants. Took off his shirt. Then looked down at his new Toy Story underwear pondering for a moment. He left them on. He jumped onto the couch, pulled the quilt up around him and snuggled up close to my side.

He flashed me his gorgeous smile and we watched our movie. He loved the acrobatic waiters serving the hot chocolate and every time the train went down a steep grade we clutched onto each other and yelled, "WEEEEE" until we were back onto the level.

When the movie was over, Edgar wanted to watch it again. Grandpa said no that it was his turn to pick a movie. Now Edgar knew for sure.... Grandma is the fun one, even if she is a girl. Because Grandma is a warrior woman and is no slave to gender stereotype.


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