Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best of Times...The Worst of Times...

I had a very up and down day yesterday. I did a little bit of wrapping of christmas presents. There wasn't much to wrap so it was more of an exercise in evaluating what needed to be done. I started making a few things. I started on a pattern. Then when I needed a bit of clarity of mind, I went outside and worked on the round pen. I have had so much anxiety over the building of the round pen. It has been all about how to use my existing resources and not spend any money. The round pen accesses two different horse lots and the lane so there needs to be three gates. Gates are expensive. I had finally mulled it over enough to have some solutions and yesterday, I got brave enough to go out and execute the idea. It worked!!! Physically it was a bit draining but I could still do it by myself. It was all good.

Then it started to rain. So, back into the house. I checked my computer, because that's what I do. It is my way of shifting gears anymore. While on the computer, I found a posting that a friend was taking part in an alzheimers study. WHAT!!? Alzheimers? I sent off a carefully worded e-mail. I received no response.... and then I got scared.

About then, my mind jumped back to when I worked at the local hospital. I thought about the alzheimer patients coming in from the nursing home. You were lucky when they were sleeping. Clawing, biting, with a look in their eye that no longer seemed human. This couldn't happen to my friend.. not this. The thought of this intellectual man reduced to an animal state would be a sin.

Finally, about ten o'clock last night, I received an e-mail. My friend was okay. He was in the study because his grandfather had the disease. After numerous tests he was given the all clear. He will continue in the study. I was awash with relief.... palpable... tangible. Thank God... sometimes, not always, but sometimes, the best of times get to be just that, the best of times


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