Monday, December 12, 2011


It seems that as you approach a holiday, time accelerates. That is the case now. The time I have available just keeps rattling away and I am left with so many expectations of what I want to accomplish..... always, there is always so much to do.

This last weekend slipped by with no fudge made, no cookies for my grandsons. We did get the tree up and the lights on it. We fell short with decorating, but Edgar seemed to be content with the half dozen or so ornaments that did make it on the tree. We had a curve thrown to us. Edgar was ready to work on toilet training. So that was the enterprise of the weekend. I am sad about not having the time to make fudge though.

Half of my cards are out. The other half have not been started. Edgar and Evelyn each have a present under the tree, but that is all. The goal is to get the old, old truck sold for scrap to fund christmas this year. That means I have to get it cleaned out. I had waited on this hoping to have a shed to put everything into. No such luck... and no time. The truck must go this week. Horse hay will have first right to whatever storage I can muster. Sometimes it gets frustrating.

I look at the tasks to be done... a last bit of fencing, creating storage and I have almost all of my christmas presents to make this year. I have two weeks. And my time is accelerating. This is going to get interesting.


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