Friday, December 16, 2011

Peter Pan

I was trying to get some things done around the house the other day. The TV was on in the background. An ad played for an older movie, some version of Peter Pan. As Peter was trying to entice Wendy out of the window, he asked, "Do you want to fly away? Do you want to go where you will have a new adventure everyday? You'll never have to grow up. Once you go, there's no coming back." Those words struck me. I stopped what I was doing. I've got that. That's what the little farm has given me.

I cannot deny that it has also given me days where I felt like I was walking the plank... especially fencing days. Days when there was so much stress that I felt very much like I could hear the ticking of the crocodile sneaking upon me. Days of digging mud with my hands because it couldn't be dug with a shovel. The day Little Finn died, poor sickly pony. But, no one has ever said that an adventure would only be filled with fun.

No doubt that I will have to grow older.... but I think I have found the cure for growing up. There is always something new to try. There is always a new way to test myself. My mind is always engaged. Though to be fair I have to admit that not everyone can get a whole day's worth of entertainment from trying to figure out the best way to build a chicken tractor... or a rustic twig gate.... or a wattle garden fence... building outdoor ovens.....

There are actually only two things that take the joy out of our existence. One is the fear of the leukemia coming back, which is brought home whenever we have to make a trip to see one of the oncologists. The other, of course, is money. We currently are running about four thousand short per year from what we need to be. Money is my arch nemesis. Money is my Captain Hook. Damn you, Captain Hook!!! (okay, okay, Peter Pan wouldn't have said that, but it feels good to let lose every once in awhile)

If I were a man I could just go seduce some widow lady. Such a good, reliable, time honored way to raise some cash. Oh well, I'll come up with something... somehow. After all, this is an adventure! I'll keep my chin up. I'll take that pinch of pixie dust and head straight on to morning.


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