Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cards

I get a truly bizarre sense of happiness and contentment when I send out christmas cards. I don't know why. There have been years when I sat down and wrote out lengthy letters in all of my cards and they got sent on New Years Day. Some years they didn't get sent at all. Last year only half got mailed. Despite my difficulties at getting them stamped and to the post office, I love sending Christmas cards!.

I have received two so far this year. One from my niece and one from my Aunt Becky. Some people, who have been friends many years but who have slipped away, still send cards. It is the last tenuous thread of communication. A reminder that we still treasure that friendship... the hope that when the last kid is raised, the floor is mopped and the job retired from, we can go to lunch again.

The cards contain treasures. Photos of the kids. One dear friend sends me the occasional beaded ornament. (yes, they're flat.) Then there are the notes. Condensed vignettes of the year. Uncle Marvin was in the hospital again.. his legs.... the diabetes. He is much improved now. How is our life? Have we been well? Such a shame we live such a distance. Wish we could see you. And then I am reminded that someone out there remembers me. They care about me.

Last night I began my cards. I rank them from the dearest to me to the least dear. (aka the mean relatives) I write in them. Sometimes I send something too. I try to put a bit of myself into them and with a little luck, when they are received... people will know that someone out there remembers them. Someone out there cares.



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  2. Thank you so much for you comment! Sometimes it is so nice to know someone is out there.