Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turning the page

The little farm has been in CRP which I believe stands for Cropland Reserve Program. As of August first, I could mow the ground. That has been done. As of October first, I will again have all of my rights and privileges as a landowner. We'll be turning a page... going round the corner.... starting anew!!

So, now we have a month or two of prep work. The land will rest this winter and then next spring it will be time to start earning. I have a neighbor/farmer lined up to hay on shares with me next year. He wants me to seed this fall. That needs to be done in about two weeks. I fear the cost of seed!!, but it will be my first crop, so I am kind of jazzed too.

Working on fences is no longer an option but a necessity. It's a change that I will be excited about, especially since in the last few days I have gotten zapped by the bastard electric fence three times. The one that went across my kidneys is still a little tender. I should mention.... learn from my mistakes! don't think you can just quickly G.I. Joe your way under an electric fence. You're not as close to the ground as you think!!! Need to put that on the list.... more gates!

As soon as the government is fully gone from my land, then I will be free to test my mettle. I'll find out if I am as tough as I think I am. If I'm as imaginative as I think I am, as smart as I think I am. And will all of this toughness and imagination and smartness get me farm fresh eggs?

We'll see.



  1. How exciting, what are you going to seed?

  2. Looks like I will just be starting with orchard grass. Down the road I'd like to add some native prairie grasses. It seems that they don't have the fungus/endophyte issues that hybrid grasses do and some of them are very good proteins. So one more thing I will be taking back to nature.