Friday, September 3, 2010

It messes with your mind

I absolutely couldn't sleep last night. Tried everything I could think of.... short of a sleep aide. Sleep aides make people act weird. I have enough weird on my plate as it is.

So, I'm laying there and trying to will myself to go to sleep and ideas and odd thoughts are popping in and out in my head. It's like ping pong balls raining down on Captain Kangaroo! (For those of you with youth... that's a LOT of ping pong balls!!) So stuff bouncing ALL over! It's getting messy in my head! It just keeps picking up speed! Whirling in my thoughts are my friends and projects and my kids and grand kids. Pip and Chloe are spinning around me like the wicked witch of the west peddling her old bike! "I'm gonna get you and your little dog too" which reminded me that I need to trim Fiona's toenails again.

Then somewhere in the back, I hear this voice. It's singing.... "don't ya' feel my leg, don't ya' feel my leg, cause if ya' feel my leg, you're gonna feel my thigh"

It's Maria Muldaur come back from the seventies!!!!

"And if you feel my thigh then you're gonna go up high, so don't ya' feel my leg"

It was like some sort of strange and other worldly life raft. A safe haven for my brain, a line of continuity. Then the dog toenails fell away. The projects began to fade. Chloe galloped off. Slowly the issues subsided as Maria's voice grew stronger. And there I sat on my raft, listening with the grandkids, Edgar and Evelyn and Pip, the haflinger. Bobbing around in the darkness, listening to a story of alcohol induced seduction. I know that it's terribly wrong and I promised myself that I won't play this song for them once they actually understand english. Pip didn't care one way or another. We sat and we listened.

"You say you'll take me dancin', buy me gin and wine.
I know you. You've got something else on your mind.
You say we'll go and have a lovely time, but what I've got is mine all mine!

Don't ya' feel my leg, don't ya' feel my leg, cause if ya' feel my leg, you're gonna feel my thigh.
And if you feel my thigh, you're gonna go up high, so don't ya' feel my leg."


I've got a bit of a post script this morning. I checked my stats on the blog readers. I wanted to say Thank you!! Eva in N. Ireland. Dave in England. Mabsy in Scotland. Chris and four others in Canada. Thirty seven various and sundry in the states and especially you five mystery readers in SOUTH KOREA!!!!! Thank you one and all! Because of you guys I have been talked into going ahead and writing my stories for real. Because of you, if I bomb, I have someone to blame. Thank you! Thank you!


  1. And Marion in Sweden!!!! I didn't forget you Marion!

  2. helped me with my sleeping problems. for me right now it´s the opposite, all that coffe doesn´t help me to stay awake. at least i got things done before.

  3. Getting things done.... that's a magical phrase! I think if I got some more stuff done then I'd be able to sleep. Everyday I think about winter's approach. Bummer!