Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life Lesson #3

Life lesson number 3 is a big one.... a hard one. Know yourself.

We all have that facade that we want to perpetuate. Everybody does that. In your own self , you need to know what's hype and what's real. When it gets down to it, you'd better be able to define what you are capable of. This is information that you will need when the defecation hits the rotary oscillator. I know.

Recently some friends told me about a tough time that they went through. Well, I said, why didn't you do .....? The response was that I didn't know what it was like! I would have been caught off guard! That I wouldn't have been able to respond to the situation either!

But that's incorrect. I can predict my behavior under stressful circumstances because I know myself. I may not be the best person for your team when it's sunny out. I KNOW that about myself. On the other hand I also know that I escaped from someone that was trying to commit bodily harm when I was sixteen. I know that, once when angry, I tried to pick up a three hundred pound man and throw him. I was unsuccessful... but I tried. I have held the hand of a friend, when they died, urging them to , "BREATHE!!". As the caregiver I have stopped my husband from receiving medication that he was allergic to. I have yelled at doctors to fight for care protocols. I have stood in the middle of a country road and talked to a mountain lion until it decided to leave. I know myself. I know what I am. I know what I am capable of. I know it isn't all good.

The up side is, because I know myself, no one else gets to define me.


another P.S. today. Mac's Dr. visit went well yesterday. They will keep his next visit out to six weeks again. If his improvement continues next visit out will be eight weeks.

Something else... I've contacted a very nice fellow in Australia. He is going to walk me through building my outdoor oven. Watch for a link on the sidebar in the next couple of days to his site. He has lots of pictures and info. I just have to figure out how to do this linking stuff! I'm so much better with a drill then I am with computers!! Anyway watch for the topic traditional ovens and the name Rado.

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