Friday, September 10, 2010

Winding down

Judging by the changes in the air, the coats of the animals and the beginning of the change in leaf color, it must be the waning of the year. It feels wonderful to have the cool air on my skin but it does strike a bit of terror as well. So much is left undone! I'd like to at least get the trim on the house painted so the neighbors don't think we are total slackers. Then again, it might be too late for that. With the leaves falling, our lack of progress is evident from quite a distance. Oh well. (sigh)

I just get pulled in so many directions that it is difficult to give any one thing the attention it deserves or needs. But as the year winds down, my focus will be more mandated. The garden will be on hold until next year. The hope for a chicken house is gone for now as well. Oh well. (sigh)

I found an old list of things needing done buried under some stuff on my desk. It is titled, "Projects That Irritate Me the Most". There are eleven things listed. Two things I can cross off. Three more things are close to completion. The other six things are still really, really bothering me. If I could somehow, in some way, manufacture a flash of brilliance, then I am sure I could get them done in no time. Oh well. (sigh)

But on this misty, moisty morning, it is so very hard to think of anything other then winding down. Time to calculate how much hot cocoa a person needs to keep on hand for the winter. Time to think of cooking up pumpkin and getting it in the freezer so you have it for that Thanksgiving pie ... and pumpkin bread ... and pumpkin muffins. I'm also thinking that there should be a way to make pumpkin pancakes. Yes, pumpkin pancakes with melting butter dripping over those delicate edges.... a hint of cinnamon... lovely maple syrup. Yes, that would be nice when facing a hard morning of winding down. Oh well. (sigh)


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