Friday, September 17, 2010


It seems that every time you hear about some amazing invention, you also hear about an accident that happened that turned out to be a great catalyst. I remember watching an old black and white movie with Edward G. Robinson. In the movie his character worked for years to develop a vaccination. (sorry I forget the disease.) His lab was an extension of his home and his wife had strict instructions to not start a fire in the stove in the lab. He felt he needed a constant cool temperature. So after years of frustration, one night working late in his lab, he fell asleep at his desk. His wife comes in. Feeling sorry for him, she starts a fire. He sleeps the night away. In the morning when he wakes he begins to unhinge on his wife. He picks up a petrie dish to say that she had ruined everything! Then he looked again. The heat was the catalyst he needed. Because of his lab accident lives were saved.

I work hard toward my goals. Sometimes I fall apart and can't seem to make things happen. Sometimes I lose my way in a morass of Drs. and personal responsibilities. I feel like that is happening to me now. Then I remind myself to try to keep at it. I'm only an accident away from finding my answers. A little change... a little application of heat and I'll be on my way. Just keep at it. The reward is waiting. That's what you have to keep telling yourself.


P.S. Checked my stats again, which leads me to say.... GOOD MORNING LUXEMBOURG!!!!