Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Frontier

Yesterday I worked on the 'brainier' side of the farm work. I finished up on the farm logo. Cleaned it up and got it inked, and I think it is ready to send off to the embroiderer. Yes, pathetic person that I am, I feel the need to have my own farm logo hoodie. After my success with the logo, I was urged by friends to scope out other farm web sites and see what was available as farm products. There is an ENORMOUS amount of tee shirts and sweatshirts out there, so I will keep my logo wear to myself and my grand children. Artisan cheeses are big, as are goat milk soaps. Too bad I'm not allowed creatures that need milked. In reality, Mac doesn't want creatures that eat or poop either. He says he is putting his foot down. I say I'll kick his foot out from under him. ( In marriage this is called a compromise.)

I believe that I'm capable of producing rude bumper stickers. I think I could produce rude refrigerator magnets as well as, rude note cards. No siree!! None of that touching, foo-foo Hallmark bullshit on my farm! Speaking of shit.... it was suggested that I sell road apples. Hmmm, it does seem that I have a supply of those. That idea is on the back burner.

It has also been suggested that I sell stories. This is something I seem to be able to do in my sleep. So I started checking out printing prices.... ouch! I'll keep checking but I think it is time to go into that new frontier.... it is time to become tech savvy. I will be getting a farm website. I will be learning to edit and post video.... there's other stuff too, but I don't know what it is yet. I was told I could do some of my own printing, myself, with my computer. This scares the crap out of me.... which is apparently okay.... I can sell it.

All of this farm product talk made me start doing farm math. This is how it looks.... If each book sells at $12.00 per copy plus postage, then by the time I sell 14,583 copies, the little farm would be paid for. That is with us carrying the price of production and having all money go toward the little farm's mortgage. So, could I sell 14, 583 books? How long would it take? Would it be possible to do it in a year?

Mac is doing well so far this school year. He has a good bunch of kids in his class room. There are still times when the fatigue hits him. He worries that he won't be able to teach until retirement age. It makes me do a lot of farm math. Sometimes I think too much.

In this huge world, 14,583 isn't so very much, is it?



  1. 14,583 is not that much, you are right. I would definitely buy a copy!

  2. Hey Marion, How about I give you a copy for every dozen you sell for me in Sweden? would that be legal? We could do that right?

  3. legal or not legal, who cares. let´s do it :).

  4. I'll send a message your way when I hear from the printer. keeping in mind that it's only half written. LOL!