Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Day in Iowa City

Yesterday, Mac was back seeing the doctor in Iowa City. Since he had a moderately severe graft vs host incident, he is back to monthly doctor visits over there. He responded well to the prednisone and they are taking his dosage down a little bit. He will need blood tests in two weeks and if they look good then the dosage can be dropped again. His liver function was iffy. Now it's better. Dr. Silverman thinks he had the GVH in his liver. I am hoping it is just that my husband, the dumb ass, wouldn't listen to me and kept drinking wine while his GVH was flared up. He thinks he is funny and has gotten away with something. Not funny when you consider that having rejection attack an organ can be a prolonged death sentence. Not funny when you consider that stem cell/bone marrow transplant for the treatment of leukemia is still in research mode. It is not an exact science. I'm tired. I'm trying to not be completely pissed off. My back hurts after six hours of driving yesterday. I would really like to take car designers and slap the shit right out of them. They get so concerned about making the outside of the car look sleek and angular that they can't make the seat line up right with the steering wheel. Almost every car I have driven in recent years has the steering wheel more over the right leg then the left. So, if you drive like you are suppose to, with both hands on the wheel, in the ten o'clock and two o'clock positions then your body is twisted. The body twists right where I have three herniated disks. Don't those people even sit in their damn cars?!! Car designers and doctors..... they all do their best to make other people think they know what the hell they are talking about. They're just better trained at slinging bull shit. And with that in mind, I want to tell you all.... I'M A NOBODY!! I'M AN EXPERT AT NOTHING!!!! I'M JUST HERE FOR THE RIDE! I just hope that I make it the best ride I possibly can. And I'll do my best to not let my ride, do anything to derail someone else's. Louie

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