Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time for a Break

I'm tired. So far, it has been a rough week. Another one of those up and down roller coaster weeks. I had some very good news on some possible hay sales on one day just to have them disappear the next. My highs have been high and my lows, have made me really want to cry.... which I would have done... that is, if I could cry anymore. But I can't, so I don't. I have been working on my made from shipping pallets chicken coop. I read quite a few articles. Watched a you tube video. Thought I had a handle on the project. Then since I already had my baby chicks upstairs, I jumped in. Nothing was square. There were rotten boards. There were cupped boards. There were a LOT of nails to be pulled. There were so many times when I needed someone to hold something while I nailed, screwed, cut..... but It was just me. One pallet chicken coop article I read showed a family making a fairly large coop and painting it green in just three days. My coop is just a little over three feet wide, by four foot long and probably four foot tall. It is intended to get some wheels under it so the layers can get out in a chicken tractor and enjoy being out to pasture. The wheels will come later. Perhaps smaller is more difficult. Always working alone certainly is. But today the miracle that I had been waiting for occurred. The little coop got finished. Finished, of course, is more of a theoretical concept. Finished enough to use. It still needs about four pieces of trim applied and it needs the shingles on the roof. So far it is just clad in tar paper, but not considering that, it doesn't look too bad. It does help if you stand back, tilt your head and squinch one eye. I wasted no time in packing up all the chicks and getting them settled out in their new accommodations. It has been a bit nerve racking as one of the buff orpington chicks has been practicing flying from the perch. Other then the sound of the wind being worrisome, they settled right in. Now, in my very silent house, after four days of hitting it really hard, I can stop for a moment. I can rest. I might even get a wild hare and take a nap. And then, when I wake up, it will be time to start in the garden. Louie

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