Friday, May 11, 2012

My Rollercoaster

This morning has already been a roller coaster event. I was up at six this morning. The weather is too beautiful for words this week. I am anxious to get back to work on the chicken coop this morning. Today I want to start the roof... which I fear will be a tricky operation. Mac was bathed, dressed and fooling around with something on his iPod. I had gotten his pills out for the day, breakfast was done and it seemed we were on greased groves. Mac has been pissy with the prednisone therapy and a spring head cold. He was bitching and coughing. Blew his nose and bitched and coughed some more. Then he got a gusher nose bleed. Needless to say, the mood got worse. Finally got him in shape to get off to work. Then I went out and fed the horses. The cool spring air was a balm to my nerves. The grass is pretty dry this morning and I walked through the garden. The plants and seeds haven't really taken off yet, so it is still mostly dirt. But it felt good to be there. The birds are all very happy today. Hooded woodpeckers, robins and jays of course. The place seems to be goldfinch nirvana this spring. Brilliant yellow flashes are everywhere. The tiny wren, though plain, just fascinates me. Such a delicate thing. The pair of Baltimore orioles haven't shown up for the party yet, but should be out when it warms a bit more.. A bob-o-link was on a far post, ever cautious. I could hear the cardinal but couldn't see it. It wasn't quite a Disney flick, but it was close enough. Maybe it was better, because it was real. I will go out and work on the coop this morning for a bit. I want to start painting the interior while it is easy to reach, then work on the garden while it is drying. Later I should be ready to work on the last two sides and the roof. That's the plan anyway, and I'm hoping that the labors wash away the emotions and the stress. Everyday, I can make this place, this little farm of mine, better. It is the canvas of my lifetime. In return, it makes me better too. Louie

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