Thursday, May 17, 2012

I need a good book.

I have been a bit obsessed lately. Screw that.... I'm obsessed all the time, but that's not the point. I think I'm actually making some progress lately, which just kind of sucks you in deeper. So, in order to be ready for the next day, I read things like, "Farm Conveniences and How to Make Them" This is actually counter productive cause it makes me find more things I should do.... I become more obsessed. I could get more done if I could just relax. I need a good book. One with a plot for a change. Perhaps something that has no building taking place.... or animal husbandry.... or fence building. Maybe a book where the leading man has buns of steel. Maybe there will be nekkidness. If sex doesn't happen maybe it will be alluded to. That's always an interesting plot device. Can't really remember the last time I unwound. If I can't find a good book, maybe some new tunes. I like my tunes. Everything from Harry Connick to ZZ Top. A good song can take your mind off your troubles. A lot of songs are about sex. I think sex and getting dumped are the most popular song topics. I've been dumped. I wonder if there is a song about buns of steel? That would be a good song. (just speculating, that is) Maybe I'd relax if the kitchen were clean, or if I was one of those women whose real happiness came from starched napkins. Nope, don't see that happening. Maybe I'll just plan on relaxing next year. Louie

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