Friday, May 18, 2012

Is this Heaven?

So far this morning I have cleaned out the chick enclosure. Given them clean food, water and grit. Taken the refuse out to the garden and buried it, which will have to do until I get my compost pile organized again. Then the horses fed and watered. A few thistles were chopped as well. Now to have a cup of coffee and try to figure out the proper order of my day. It probably won't matter what I think the order of my day should be. Something will come up. There will be a problem some where and my order will fall into disorder. That's okay. There was a film made in Iowa, quite a few years back called , "Field of Dreams". The famous line was ..... "Is this heaven?" "No!, It's Iowa!" Today, for me, as I feel the cool fresh spring air on my skin, listen to my chicks, chirping and pecking away in the loft. I have a wave of contentment. There is so much to do, that I should probably feel totally beside myself, but today, I can't. Today, with my land, there is peace. The tasks for the day are to chop a few thistles that are over by the sugar maples. Mow off a section of grass that I need to rake up for the horses. I'd rather move them but fencing continues to be an issue. Then I will work on the tiny chicken coop. Maybe with luck we will be able to move the chicks out to the coop tomorrow. I have enjoyed all the chicky noises but I have to admit that I feel a bit,... well, a bit less socially acceptable by having livestock in the house. Oh well, it won't be long now. I have a little left to do on the last side of the coop, then doors, window and a roof. Then the chicks will get moved and no one will be the wiser on my animal husbandry practices. Not that I really care what people think, I especially don't care today. Even if you don't have a ball field in your back yard, a day like this is heaven. Louie

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