Monday, May 14, 2012

Day before Chickens

I have had a busy spring so far. Some small projects finished up. Horses moved. Chickens ordered. Bee class taken. It is an easy thing to only look at what is left to do, instead of what has been accomplished. This morning I spent some time looking at one of my infamous to-do lists and had to admit that I had about two years worth of work represented on that sheet of paper. Silly me. The coop continues to come along. Not as well as I had hoped, but we might slide in under the wire. I just might need to run to town to buy some supplies to build my feeder. I think I will take a gallon vinegar jug and cut access holes on either side to hold their grit. I have looked at ads and instructions on the internet about building a nipple waterer for the chickens, but I haven't got time to send away for the components to do that. I am thinking of picking up inexpensive hamster cage waterers instead. My main concern with all of these containers is that the chickens not be able to roost on them and poop all over anything they need to consume. Chickens are notorious poop machines. The garden is another endeavor that holds a great deal of hope for me. I don't ever want to use a community food pantry again. This last weekend a friend showed up and helped me with the garden. Quite a bit of space got turned over and filled with tomatoes. We also got some kale, salad greens and brussel sprouts planted. Before that I had gotten pumpkins, pickling cucumbers, beets, carrots, sweet corn and onions planted. I just keep expanding my garden, creating more beds. Sometimes as I am digging away, I envision Scarlet O'Hara gathering up Georgia clay in her fist and shaking it at the sky..."God, as my witness, I'll never go hungry again!" It is my motivation. While I have never let Mac go hungry, I have to admit that there have been many times when it was pretty damn skimpy. Man cannot live by frozen corn and chicken hindquarters alone. The other great thing that happened this weekend was that my oldest daughter got me something I needed very badly as a mother's day gift. I new belt for the mower. I am ecstatic!!!! The grass was driving me nuts and the ticks were once again converging on the civilized portions of the farm. I really, really hate ticks! I can't wait to get out there and start mowing. Later we will gather up the grass and get it thrown into the horse lot. This job will be total pleasure today. The world is changing out there, almost as I watch it. The greens are stunning. My trees are like great green barriers, encircling me and protecting me from the outside world. This is a good place to be, especially today, with so much to do. It isn't just that life is good, but it is rich, varied, and infinitely compelling. Louie

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