Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For the Want of Concrete

I was looking at a list of things I would like to accomplish in the next few weeks and it was a bit depressing. Many of the materials are here, in stacks and going to waste. But it seems that we are stopped on all fronts by the want of concrete. We could do it on the cheap since I already own a concrete mixer. (How many women can say that?!) But I still need to get a load of sand and bags of portland. If a miracle occurs I think I could get started on two sheds, the footings for the outdoor kitchen, the footings for the deck and probably most importantly, the footings for the carport. Ah yes, the carport...... you see, I'm a bad wife. There's no doubt on that score. But Mac's older brother, Jim mentioned that garages were over rated. All a person really needs is a carport. I got to thinking about that. Then I realized that for the amount of concrete that big two car garage plus attached man cave would take, I could get a lot of footings poured. I would be over the hump on almost every project on the place. We could move on with our lives! I have no doubt that he will be upset by this decision but Mac isn't a woodworking, mechanical type of a husband. In truth he would rather have a new computer. So, we will do the right thing for the big picture. It's kind of exciting to think about getting stuff accomplished again. The swallows are back. I put out a finch feeder the other day. The rain is over for now and the little farm is clothed in shades of green. As I look out my window at this panorama that has become my life, everything seems possible. I just need a little concrete. Not so much as I had originally thought. Just enough, but then, enough is as good as a feast. We can do this. Louie

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