Thursday, March 22, 2012


I managed to get out and feed the horses early, in between showers. We have had about four days of rain now and things are getting pretty squishy. There were some good signs as I made my way through the puddles. First, as I walked to the horses and back I found five earthworms. To put that in perspective... the property is approximately 38 acres and is close to being a quarter of a mile square. So, a quarter of a mile from the front to the back... a quarter of a mile from side to side. Five earthworms isn't a lot BUT it is more then I had before. When we got the property it was deceptive just how devoid of nutrient the soil was. I noticed that as we dug foundations and fence post holes that I rarely ever saw worms. Later, I found out that if there is no nutrient in the soil for them to eat... they leave. But we have been mowing and the cuttings fall back into the soil and compost and ever so slowly, the worms return. The second good sign was that in a couple of places you could stand and if you were quiet, you could hear the water percolating through the soil. This was exciting for me, possibly because I don't have a life, but it means the water is going where it is needed, instead of just running down the hill into the drainage ditch and away to parts unknown.

I have been telling myself that with all of the rain, I should put my time to good use and sew. I am trying to make some bags for sale. I really don't want to sew. The warm weather is seductive and luring. How I want to be out in it! But it is too wet to accomplish anything. I tell myself that if I sew, I can buy seeds and rent an aerator. How exciting is that!? Orchard grass, timothy and red clover, oh my! Other women say.... "diamonds" in a husky voice of passion.... for me it is "seeds". I probably need to get out more, or possibly take up drinking, one or the other.

This morning on my trek out to the horses, I did take some time to gloat. My ground is looking so green. It becomes more vibrant every day. Then I look over at the neighbor, Gary's place. He took the advice of modern agriculture. He seeded and sprayed and his place still just looks like hell. Other then the drive area it is still brown, brown, brown! There are some patches of weed coming up that are lending a bit of color. Not only do I get to gloat, but I am encouraged that I am doing things right. Now if I only had that seed.... if only.

Okay, no more rumination for me this morning! I must go sew. I must get busy! I must earn my seed money! Oh yeah, Baby! Seed!


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