Monday, March 19, 2012

Certain Realities

It is tax month and I have to deal with certain realities. Reality can be tenuous at times. I prefer to deal with my dream state and planning how to make things happen. But tax month does not let you do that. I need to scare up enough dough to get my property taxes paid. I have almost half of it. Still need to get Mac's help on going through the old pickup and getting tools etc. out of it so I can get it sold for scrap. That might make up the other half. Income taxes are coming up and I need to get over to see my tax preparer. Don't have the hundred dollars for that. If I am lucky we might get enough of that back to also help with the property taxes. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

It's really hard to have to think about money so much. It hurts my head and damages my general feeling of good will.

BUT, if I DO get a good tax return then I can not just pay my property taxes, but maybe get some other things bought. Of course, I have to pay back my mom and that will be five hundred gone right off the top, but maybe there will be money for my mushrooms and bees. Maybe even for chicken supplies! And if things are really good, maybe I could afford some finish grade plywood and get some shelves and stuff built in the house and get some crap put away! There! wishful thinking... back where I belong. My head has stopped hurting now.

These realities must be faced so how will I go about it? I think I will call my tax preparer lady and set up an appointment for later this week. Then to reward myself, I shall try to bake some bread. I found a recipe for Shaker daily loaf that I want to try. Then there was that recipe for Anadama bread that is a batter bread that was also enticing me. If I get all of my tax papers together then I will have to reward myself by going to pick up some hay bales. On the day I go to have my taxes prepared then I shall have to haul out the heavy guns and plan to go to Dairy Queen and get ice cream. By then, I shall be in dire need of medicinal desserts.

Okay! Head is hurting again.... baby steps. Reality has to be taken with moderation. A person could get hurt with too much reality.


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