Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Day!

Today will be a big day for me. It will be my first day of getting outside and really trying to put in a good day's work. I have had a couple of days where I dabbled at burning brush, but today will be actual work that pushes the little farm towards a bigger picture. I've been planning on burning the garden for awhile. Each time I go out there with matches it either starts raining or the wind picks up... a LOT! So fingers crossed that today is burning the garden day. Then I'll get measurements off my barrels so I can make final plans and sketches for the stove and smoker project. Then lastly I shall get back to working on the round pen. I want to have the horses moved soon. We'll start by moving them to the round pen. They can take down the grass there while I move the solar fence charger up to the new fence and test it. Once I do any necessary problem solving at the new fence (hopefully, there won't be any), then I can put the girls out into new pasture.

In a way it is a bit depressing. If I had a different style of fence then I could just move them, instead of dealing with juggling the charger. Oh well. Someday. The plan is there... I just have to make it happen.

I have gotten out of shape over winter, so we will see how the first day back at real work will commence. I will have to battle the desire to stop and look around. Everything just looks so good! The grass, while far too thin in places, just looks so green and gorgeous! The wild plums are blooming. The crabapples are on the cusp of blooming. They are also in need of some pruning. The deer have been after the cherry trees already so I have gotten serious about peeing around the trees. Kind of wishing I had planted them farther from the road. Since I started the "cherry protection program" they have shown no more signs of deer nibbling. I won't pronounce the project a success yet.... not til I get to pick some cherries.

Whenever I think of fencing or other horse projects, I have to slow myself down a bit. Am I getting a head of myself?..... Am I getting too fancy? I usually have to remind myself of the K.I.S.S. principle. K.I.S.S.= Keep It Simple, Stupid. The simplest solution is usually the most elegant, the most practical, the most affordable. This time of year I have to force myself to think about the principle. This time of year the mind can chase after flights of fancy. Anything can seem possible when I am looking at all of this green. Nothing has gone terribly wrong yet. A new season, a fresh slate, more unbridled enthusiasm then an old broad has the right to wield!

So, that's the plan for my big day.....measure barrels, burn the garden, work on the round pen. Sounds easy enough. We'll get out there and see what can possibly go wrong, or be overlooked, or forgotten..... this is going to be such a good day!


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