Monday, March 26, 2012

Bear With Me....

You will have to bear with me this morning as my mind runs everywhere. I cannot seem to keep it tethered today. I need to be thinking about the garden. Normally the snow is still melting off during this time of the year but it seems that spring really is here. This last weekend I even saw a woman with bedding plants. I would have gone to the garden center to look but, since I have no money, it would have been too painful. Instead I just visited my dream farming machine. The generic version of the John Deere gator. I guess they call them UTV's now. We looked at it. Looked at different options. I was over come with equipment lust. Bedding plant lust would have been just too much.

Horses are fed and while out, I was looking at the little bit that I have to do on the round pen. The worst will be the home made gates. I really fear screwing those up. I have too much anxiety on this score so I need to just get my butt out there and work on it. Sometimes when my mind fails me, my hands come through. And since spring is here, I need to burn off the garden. Then get a load of manure. Then borrow the neighbors tiller. I want to be ready the moment that the local greenhouse opens.

As I try to plan the day my mind keeps going to farm math. It gives me headaches. I need to come up with three hundred to finish accumulating the money for property taxes. I need a couple of hundred for grass seed. About two hundred and fifty for the bees. About eighty dollars for the mushrooms and finally forty for the chickens..... fifty would be better. Let's see approximately $880.00 total. That's kind of depressing. Well, I need the three hundred before the month is out. The rest I have a bit of a window on. I need to force myself to call about scraping the old truck. I don't know why I have such an emotional aversion to doing this. I will have to get over it. Better put it on the to-do list or I will avoid it even longer.

When I look out the window there is no doubt that it is spring. The wild plums and the crabapples are blooming. The grass in the yard needs to be mown already. Time to get the mower up and running. I should probably take the gas cans into town and get them filled so I have them when they are needed. That will probably involve more farm math as well. I don't want to think about money right now..... it's spring and my mind is just everywhere!


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