Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some Mornings

I am having trouble hanging onto my thoughts this morning. The round pen is done, except for the gates. My wind is whirling. Every little bit my eyes rest on the trees outside of my window. For a moment there is calm and then I think about how it is hiding some of the clearing I need to do and how, perhaps, it will allow me to not think about it for a while. There is a multitude of greens out there. The green of the grass that I have trimmed against the green of the long grass, waiting to be mowed. The green of the still alive elm against the walnut tree. The yellow green of the hedge trees. Stan's property across the road, an undulation of shades of green, rolling away to the horizon. The scene is a reprieve between thoughts.

I cannot wait to plant something. It is still a bit early. Though we have already had eighty degree weather, we also had a frost last night. So, no playing in the dirt for awhile. My mind won't stop planning though. Where to put the apple trees. Should I try to espalier? Could I get pears as well? How long until I eat a tomato!?

Oh look! a crane!

I cannot have a morning where I don't think about fencing. It is ingrained into me now, I suppose. Get up, run to the necessary room, make coffee.... and I wonder what I should do about fencing today? I am so close to having everything good enough to start work with the horses. It's almost a little frightening that some thing in my head is actually close to reality out there, in the real world. Something done, how could that be? Something done is just a step to the next thing to do. The next thing is exciting though. Working with the horses every day. Making progress, building trust, having calm. It is a good thing that they quiet my mind.

Oh look! there's a bluebird on the crabapple!

I am anxious to start on my hay shed. Not just for storing hay, but to get all of my tools cleaned up from around the yard. Organize my surroundings so I can organize my mind. A place to be on rainy days. A place to work on small tasks and still be able to look out the door and see the horses, to watch my world. A place to set a work bench and to build some things, like shelves. Some chairs for the yard. A few bird houses.

Oh look! There's a turkey in the drive way!

Some mornings I like to think what it will be like when things are ready for guests. I want to sit in the yard and have a glass of wine and pull pizzas out of my outdoor oven. Then start up a fire in the fireplace and watch the sun set. Listen to the owls talk.

Despite my gorgeous morning, I need to stop thinking and start doing. Time to get busy. Daylight's burning.

Oh look! a falcon.... pretty.


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