Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Potato Soup

It is going to be a busy day today. The day's own to-do list has been begun and to be honest..... it's a bit frightening. I need to finish up the round pen. I have said that a hundred times, but I really think it could happen today. The gate continues to be an issue. The little seven foot entrances, I am not concerned about. Those can be managed. But the twelve foot gate does concern me and I am really wishing that I had the income tax return. Oh well, I can call and see if the tax return deposit has been made, but that is all I can do. Better to shove it to the back of my mind and move on. Worrying about it will only steal my motivation.

But I digress... back to the list. Finish round pen. Then I have to do my phone calls. I really hate making phone calls. I do not know how sales people do it. I would have an ulcer. I need to call our tax preparer lady to find out when the return should come. I need to call Dr. Rice about a blood test for Mac. I need to call around and find someone who can fax some paper work for me. Oh crap, I have to call for car insurance quotes. Almost forgot about that one. Things like this tend to weigh my mind down. Better to get it over with.

But I digress... okay, finish round pen, make calls. Then I have to go to town sometime today. I am out of dog food. Fiona will not be happy with me if I run out of dog food. So, while in town I had better make the expenditure of gas worth while. I need to get some sinus medicine for Mac. Some vitamins, a gallon of milk and I might drop by the library and see if they have a book I was wanting to check for easy ways to build garden fencing. It was kind of a medieval kind of wattle and bentwood method. That would put it in my price range....... free! That reminds me, better take back the cans and bottles. I want to stash that money aside so I have it for my garden bedding plants. In a few days, I am hoping the weather will settle down and I will be able to make it down to Yutzy's greenhouse and start picking up tomatoes. Well, other things too, but tomatoes are my darlings. I love tomatoes! I especially want to get the Mr. Stripeys and the Oxheart. Can't forget the Mortgage Lifters either. I wish they grew the Red Star cherry variety. I suppose I can't have everything. Maybe next year.

But I digress.... Finish round pen, phone calls, go to town, Let's see. then I need to move the horses. The round pen fronts the end of the new lot so it must be done, but once I am home and done with all of my other stuff it will be time to move the horses. I always like to be around once they are moved in case they are uncomfortable with the change and decide to test the fence. It usually turns into a buck/fart event. At least for a few minutes. Weird thing about horses, that when they get all exuberant and buck it tends to cause them to fart. Then you can kind of gauge how much effort went into the buck. You have your little bucks, the crow hops, an occasional corkscrew.... then you have the big old double barrel buck/fart. Once I see that they are settled and eating, then I can come in and start our supper.

Potato soup.... you never know exactly how it will turn out at our house. It is one of those things that varies each time you make it depending on the contents of the refrigerator. The only constants are potatoes, onions and milk. The rest is left to chance. Mac said that he thought he would like bacon in it tonight. Sometimes there is corn. Once, one of Mac's snarkier relatives told me in a superior tone, "YOU don't make potato soup. YOU make CHOWDER. Everyone KNOWS that if it has corn then it's CHOWDER." Inside my head ( where I try to keep my evil self hidden) I thought, "Kiss my ass. It's potato soup that happened to get corn this time." I have some celery for a change. Almost never have celery so that might find it's way into the mix. Possibly a carrot. On occasion even some mushrooms could get stirred in. We will have to see how ambitious I get.

But I digress.... Finish round pen, make phone calls, go to town, potato soup for supper. I can do this.


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