Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Clear Mind

There is nothing like mowing to clear the mind. To see what has been accomplished. It is like putting the polish on the little farm. It seems so neat and clean after mowing. I'll try to get some grass raked today and haul it back to the horses. It would be a good day for hauling things to other places. I should load up the barrels and take them to the round pen. Load up some cut posts and haul them to where they will be used. Load up horse poop and take it out to the hay field. I also need to dig the ash out of the burn barrel and spread that on the hay field as well. Oh crap! that sounds like work. The problem with having your mind cleared is that it fills back up with so many other things. More chores for instance. My mind also seems to fill up with speculation. eHarmony dating site has finally stopped sending me introductory offers. has started. It makes me wonder. Do they know something I don't? Why should I meet their men anyway? I have been married for thirty-four years and I am in awe of people who can succeed at dating. I sucked at it when I was younger, back when it was suppose to be easier. I daresay I would be even suckier now. For this reason, well, for others as well, Mac has to die after me. I have no doubt that he will be re-married in six months. That, or he will starve and have no clean underwear. The mind continues to turn....I was thinking while mowing, that if Jesus Christ picked his nose and ate his boogers, then he would not be the messiah. After all, it strikes at the very core of our's un-natural! There is all that devision between christian and jews on whether J.C. stepped from prophet to messiah or if it was so much wishful thinking. If there was any historical evidence about the nose picking and you know, the rest, well that would answer it. Cause if he picked his nose and ate his boogers, then the church would reject him... shake their fists... and say in growly voices, "NO, no he is not the messiah, He picks his nose and eats his boogers and that is a spiritual affront to me!" Then we would have to find other things to fight about... which we would. In town, people go dumpster diving. They find "treasure' that other people threw away and try to remake the item, re-purpose them, re-use them. I can't do that. There is no dumpster close to me. But I think I would like to get out and go ditch digging. All over the area, there are places where people used to live. The farm would get purchased by a bigger farmer. Fences torn out to make bigger fields. The house falls in eventually or is pushed down. What is left is a little area that looks like it should have a house and the ditch and drive are lined with flowers and shrubs gone native. They are old timey flowers. Iris and lillies, sometimes I find a lilac. I planted three small iris beds last spring from rhizomes I dug out of a ditch. They are looking beautiful this year. I especially want to find a few lilacs this year. I want to start a lilac hedge around the garden. The deer have pretty much left the lilacs alone so it seems like a good choice. I also am needing a BUNCH of ditch lillies. I want to plant them down around the septic wetlands and around the LP tank. Part of the little farm beautification project. I wonder if those guys on the dating sites can't get women in real life cause they pick their noses.... I need a little cart to pull crap around with. No really... crap. That would be the easiest way to get manure from here to there. I need to burn some more brush. I wonder if we have any marshmallows? I need to clean the front yard so I can take some new pictures. Just because I have a clear mind doesn't mean it isn't freakishly busy. Louie

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