Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday Mac forgot to take his medication before heading off to work. When I discovered this, I had a panic attack. It did not help that the truck is currently not running. I could not just run into town and take his medicine to him. I tried to get the hood of the truck up. I had hoped that if I poured some soda on the battery terminals, wiggled them around, tightened them up, that I would be able to coax one more start out of the aging battery. But the latch is funky and no amount of fiddling with it would get it to release. Finally we worked out a solution to get those pills into him but by then I had enough adrenaline in my system to make me ill.

He has promised me that he will no longer forget to take his medication. Perhaps he is saying this with the best intentions, but I think we both know that he is lying. He will forget, because he forgets everything.

Last wednesday, the evening after Mac's heart attack, our oldest daughter told us she was pregnant. Our happy thought that buoyed our spirits. Last night, exactly one week later, she told us that she had had a miscarriage. I had my fingers crossed for another little girl. One very much like her mother. My daughter, actually all of my girls, were such good babies.

My life gets so wrapped up with taking care of Mac that I forget that other lives have their misfortunes too. Some have less troubles then they probably deserve. Some have far more. That's something I shouldn't forget.


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