Monday, February 13, 2012


I have been AWOL. Absent without leave. Mac had a heart attack last Wednesday. Today I drove him to school for his first day back to work. This week couldn't have been worse. He has conferences this week so he will be putting in two fourteen hour days and he has recess duty as well. That means he won't get to eat lunch. There isn't much we can do as the Dr. released him with out restrictions. The Dr. also said to minimize stress. That was my opening and so I talked to the assistant principal this morning. The senior principal wasn't there yet. I was perhaps more frank then I should have been. I told him the stress was to be mitigated. The hoop jumping was to stop for the rest of the year. He said he had no idea what I was talking about, but he went into a defensive body posture. ( No! I did not threaten to kick him in the balls) I tried to make it plainer. I told him the other principal was free to call me. Yeah, right! like that would happen.

It is hard to see my husband afraid. He would like this to be his last year teaching. He would like to retire. I would like that too. For that to happen, I need to be able to earn around $38,000. per year. Time to up the ante. I had hoped for ways to make $4,000. per year. That will no longer do.

Comments typically don't turn up on my blog for some reason. I've done the troubleshooting. Made sure my settings were correct but still most comments do not come through. But I need to hear you. I need some ideas. If your comment is not accepted here please e-mail me at I know there has to be an answer... I know someone has it.


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