Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shifting Gears

It's raining today. Outside my door looks gray and bleak. This morning I need to shift gears and do something other then outside work... something other then fencing. This has been a problem for me. I become so obsessed over a task that I have to get done that everything else fades away completely. That is, until it is panic time over some other thing that needs done NOW!!

Well, my posts are all in and it is time to string wire. I'm so close that this rain is painful to see. I need to shift gears. I need to make sure this day remains useful. Today, I will drive over to Winterset and pay my husband's share of his mother's funeral ... with money borrowed from my mother. It is frustrating. We had hoped to get the mileage reimbursement from the insurance company but that didn't happen. Now I hope that it isn't another hard winter. There is no lee way.

As soon as I get home, I will work on indoor projects that must get done or I will go ahead and work in the rain. Today will be productive... it has to be. We are running out of time. I can make it.... I know I can. Just so long as I develop the ability to quickly shift from one thing to another, all will be accomplished. My worst enemy is frustration. Can't get frustrated today... in the cold and the rain... with my dismal task.

I just have to learn to shift gears.


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