Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When I started my fencing project, I was thinking about a basic lot. A big rectangle that would be sufficient to get the horses close to the house for winter. But then I visited some other facilities, got some good ideas. I saw some good layouts. Then, being brilliant, I decided to plan the whole shooting match and just work on a section at a time. Don't just work, but work towards a goal.

This was a good idea but the problem is that I keep seeping out into the next step. When I get done with this fencing project, I will be done with a smaller horse lot, a larger horse lot and a seventy foot round pen. This is wonderful!, but I'm still not done, not even with a small part. And, I'm tired and I find myself seeping again. I have holes for posts in what will be a third lot and I have staked some points for more holes to build a little primitive hay barn. Just six holes for now. Six posts. Then I can tarp it for the winter so I can get my 120 small bales home. I need my hay. Do I dare seep into this project? Are there even any alternatives?

I saw a nifty little hay storage shelter. It was made of long 2x8s as the base. Pieces of rebar staked them into an on edge position. Then three sixteen foot cattle panels were arched between the 2x8s so it became shaped like a high tunnel green house. The ends of the panels were screwed into the 2x8s. and small pieces of plywood cut to shape like a rib held the top of the arch secure in the panel. The whole thing was covered by tarp and tarp was cut to fit the ends. One end was left with a slit for access. Compared to a pole building, this is cheap and easy and portable. I have the 2x8s. I have some scrap plywood around. The cattle panels would be about $21.00 per panel and the tarp would end up costing around fifty or sixty dollars. I could probably do the whole thing for around $130.00. But I don't have $130.00. If I can proceed with the other hay barn, I use what I have available here and I just need to find a way to buy the tarps. Do I dare seep again? Should I?

It turned cold last night. Another occurrence that reminds me that my days are numbered. What to do? Too tired. Just too tired to think.


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