Monday, November 1, 2010

What a weekend!

It feels like I just survived a whirlwind! Mac had parent/ teacher conferences last Wednesday and Thursday. Those were days that started around 7:30 in the morning and ended at 8:00 at night. Friday was a no school day, but he had blood tests in Des Moines. So Friday, off we go to Des Moines. Went to the Dr. office and then hit a couple of stores. There was nothing that appealed to me, which seems to be the case more and more often.

Saturday, the oldest daughter, Michal came down with her husband, Micah and we finished up the last of the bigger pasture for the ponies. It took twice as long as we had planned on. But once the fence was done, we went to get the ponies. Pip haltered right up like a champ. We didn't bother haltering Chloe. We counted on herd instincts and figured with the uproar that she would just stick with Pip and we'd walk them right down to the new pasture and she would go through the gate and life would be good.

She didn't do that.

We moseyed along. Chloe decided she liked having the big field to herself after being on dry lot for two months. We were not phased by this. After all, I am a Parelli student. I'm not great but I'm not useless either. We did a slow drive to the new pasture. Pip was already installed but Chloe when she got there, though she wanted to be with Pip was not going to go through the four foot gate. We drove her to the gate again. Everything was good and happy. The second gate approach was too much pressure. She didn't run away but she just couldn't do what she knew we wanted..... and there was all this GRASS! So once more a slow , mosey kind of drive and then my mom decided to call me.... twice.

Chloe the pony, does not like the Klingon drinking song that is my ring tone. As a matter of fact it makes her head go way up in the air and then she has to run to Pip as fast as she can. But there's a fence in the way. So, I circle around. Then I scratch her shoulders and tell her life is still okay. I holler at Mac and tell him to cut the wire. As soon as Chloe has an eight foot opening, she trots right in and settles down next to Pip. We mend the fence. My fault, I knew I was pushing my luck with the narrow gate, but there just wasn't the money to buy a big gate yet. Everybody just did the best that they could with what they brought to the table.

After the ponies were ensconced, we rushed to middle daughter, Kate's apartment where we celebrated the girls' Godfather's birthday. We made it home late and there were no ponies in the yard ... always a good sign!

Sunday I hauled water, walked fence line and pasture. All seemed well so went back to the house and collapsed.

Today, well, Took Mac to work so I could have the truck and do errands. Dropped him at the school. Went to the lumber yard and picked up a few supplies and priced some other stuff. Picked up postage stamps. Bought groceries. Went by the feed store and picked up a bag of feed. Home! (phew!) Groceries put away.... mostly. Grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the computer. Going over the to-do list. Three days of good weather and then the cold is suppose to start.

The clock is ticking. In three days there will probably be a fair amount of cussing. It's inevitable.


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