Thursday, November 4, 2010

More DR. Shit

I will try to cram as much in today as I can, because tomorrow we go to Iowa City again. This is an extra visit. Mac has been referred to a gastro-intestinal specialist for a scope of his esophagus. It is hoped that the problem is a little graft vs. host that will just take, hopefully, an adjustment in medication. The scope would also show if it were acid damage from reflux. I really doubt that as it responds directly with his prednisone dosage. Of course, there is an out side chance that he could now have throat cancer as a result of the total body irradiation, which he received as a transplant prep. It is probably a slim chance and I don't speak of it out load....... but it hovers out there.

Dr. Silverman says she will just feel better about dealing with the throat situation after someone has had a look.

The insurance company has decided to not accept Dr. Silverman's referral. They want primary care DR. to make the referral. Mac went to the nurse practitioner from the primary care DR.'s office a couple of times but has never seen the DR. himself. So that Dr. won't make the referral. Insurance has decided they would take DR. Hiatt's referral as primary oncologist. It takes time for a referral to go through plus Dr. Hiatt was gone the day they were trying to get stuff organized.

Insurance company called to notify that they would not pay for the procedure if Mac went through with it. At least they wouldn't if the insurance company's ok to the referral wasn't in place before hand. We have not heard if the referral has been made.

So what do we do?

We can't afford the procedure. Maybe we will hear something at the last minute. We will plan and work as if we will go but be ready to not go as well.... I suppose.

On one hand DR.s try to scare you with health issues on the other hand the insurance company tries to scare you with money issues. Wish they would leave us out of it and just let us know when they have come to a decision.

I think I'll go and see my ponies for awhile. They won't have any answers either, but at least, they make me feel better.


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