Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just thinking

I'm sitting here and thinking just how good the bed felt this morning. Thinking what folly it was to get up. Thinking I need more magic elixir (coffee).

I think the to-do list is somehow longer today. I did start the tear down of fencing for the winter pasture. Fingers crossed we will quickly get it back up to it's new shape, including a run in and a round pen so our winter won't be wasted time. As I look at the remains of the old fence, and all that it enclosed, I dream of owning my own manure spreader. Nothing difficult. A little something that I can manage on my own. That will pull behind my little lawn tractor.

Because I have thoughts like this, I think I'm a low maintenance woman. Mac thinks I'm just a weird form of high maintenance woman. He doesn't think about being the one that will have to just go ahead and shovel up all that horse residue and put it in five gallon buckets and put it in the little red wagon and pull it out into the hay field and rake it in. If he ever did perform those tasks... he would want a nice little manure spreader too.

I've been trying hard to get stuff ready for winter. Working at some tough stuff. As a result, I have gone down over a bra size. But I think it is unfair that my ass remains the same. Obviously I need more work. Perhaps I need less thinking as well.

Thinking leads to wishing... wish I had air in the wheelbarrow tire. That would be way easier then the red wagon. Oh well.

For now... I think I need more magic elixir.


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