Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm not sure the term retirement should even exist anymore. I think we should just call it "later stage molting" After all, I don't know anybody that talks about going home and sitting on their butts. They say that they will have time to "do". Usually it's to chase some dream they have secreted away. But what it amounts to is becoming fully self aware and fulfilling the talent that you were put on this earth to do. While you are figuring that out, I'll give you some strategies for making it happen.

You've heard Suze Orman say it a million times... pay off the credit cards. I think they are the number one factor standing between people and a happy lifestyle. It's just legalized loan sharking. The difference is mainly that they threaten your credit rating instead of your knee caps.

Downsize. I'm a big believer in downsizing anyway. If people put as much energy into making their home green as they do making it large, I can only imagine how much money would be saved on heating/cooling and on shipping building materials across country. Personally, I wish we had built with either straw bale or cordwood construction. It is still my big regret, but Mac thought it was just a little too hippy for him. ( okay, a LOT too hippy for him). But I still hope to put a heating system on a solar system and all of the outbuildings on independent solar set ups. I'd like to feed back onto the grid, but with the important parts of the house on a separate, unconnected grid, then when lines go down or power goes out, we will still be functioning in our home.

This is an IMPORTANT one. research, research, research! The more you know the less likely you are to make a mistake, especially in building. Not to mention, changing your mind is the costliest thing that you will do. Once you know your topic inside out then it is time to ....

Plan your work and work your plan. If possible dabble in your chosen existence before your molt. Otherwise you tend to scare the willies out of yourself.

The last step is the most important one. Lead your life with passion. Mac is fortunate that he is passionate about teaching, but I had to work such crappy jobs while he had the thing he was passionate about. That incongruity makes for a very unhappy existence. But that is all going to change now .... I'm ready for my molt.


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  1. When we grow up and build our house I want to do that geo thermal heating/'s sooooo cool!