Saturday, March 20, 2010

the hard way

Basically there are two ways to do everything. There's the hard way and the easy way. I specialize in the hard way. Mostly, I have hand tools. Hand tools are great. Civilizations have been built with hand tools. But when you are using hand tools AND working alone, then things get pretty tough. Wheelbarrows are also handy. But I have come to the conclusion that there has never been a wheelbarrow tire capable of holding air for more then two weeks. So, I'd kind of like to try doing a few things the easy way.

I want a willys jeep. The little four seater work horse of WWII. Hauling my shovels , saws and rakes, plant material, soil. It would be heaven!! Throw in one of those little ground drive manure spreaders and a small dump cart and I would be a woman on a mission!!! Just the idea of it makes me so excited that all the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up and wave!!

My wee farm could not afford or support a tractor but the idea of a willys jeep makes my heart sing! Holy crap!! I could get something done!! Once the heavy lifting is done then I can work on making a beautiful life! It'll be so cool! Just imagine.. the rustic cottage, pristine hayfields, the small, picturesque vineyard, the cool breeze blowing through the leafy woods, honeycombed with trails and small bridges, horses playing and snorting in their pasture. All I need is my willys jeep and then the heavens will open and all good things will come to me.

Just you wait.... it could happen.

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