Monday, March 22, 2010

back in the saddle

Well, after all of the hospital time, Dr. office visits, infusion center visits and all of the days of home IVs and med sorting, walking stairs, NAGGING...Mac is having his first day back at work. It would be nice to have a little break down. A reward for being the good little care giver, but if I pulled my finger out of the dam, I'm not sure that I would have my sanity tied back up into a nice little bundle by the time he got home. So I will forego my self gratuitous meltdown and start planning for spring.

Mac says we live on an acreage. He says that he is not a farmer. He does not farm. He does not want to farm. He says that we live on an acreage and an acreage is just an over sized yard. He just wants to have things nice.

I'm not sure how that can be .... I live on a 38.5 acre mini farm. I want to raise the majority of our food to take the burden off the paycheck. I want the little farm to be able to make it's own mortgage payment. I want to prove that you can run an environmentally sound, small family farm and survive.... actually THRIVE!! I just have to do it so Mac doesn't notice.

So, here is the plan..... first, triple the size of the garden. Second, get on top of cleaning up the woods and then get started planting ginseng and starting morel mushroom spawn. Those will be cash crops. Third, burn off the weeds and rough patches and cut out cedars in what will be the hay field next year. Fourth, start prep work for where the vineyard will go next spring. Fifth, get some sheds built!! There is just never enough storage!! Sixth, start collecting apple trees for what will be the orchard.... someday. Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg, and we will have to see if I can get it all done while Mac is at work, so that he continues to think that he lives on an acreage. It can be done! I'm just sure of it!

Tough old broads can accomplish anything. (pictures to follow)


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