Wednesday, March 24, 2010

let the disappointment begin!!!

Well, it's raining!!! Sucky, stinking lousy rain!! I had a to-do list. Recently, I've been very good about the to-do list and today's list was going to be the, "It's finally dry enough, let's see what I can get done outdoors!" day. I had the remnant of an old , big round hay bale that needed to be burned, so brilliant me, I thought I would rake up the old dry manure and burn that too. Then that lot would be ready to let horses back into, and it would be higher and dryer for them. Well, crap!! It's not dry anymore!! So the clean up is on hold.

Another item on the to-do list today was to get the kale and the beet seeds into the garden. They would just wash away today so that is another project on hold.

Another important task was the laying of the three inch drain tile down the side of the drive. I had done prep work yesterday. I had gotten the trench evened back out. Dug where I needed to dig. All I needed to do today was to connect and do a little fine tuning. Looks like the drain will remain unconnected until another day.

I'm also pumping water out of the foundation trench for the garage. Keeping water out of foundation trenches has been an ongoing battle for three years now. Who knew that Iowa would become known for it's monsoon season?! Though it is raining, I continue pumping. I don't want to lose ground.

Although I am irritated by my break in momentum there have been some good things. I will try to dwell on those today. For instance, when we purchased the land, it was listed as a thirty-six acre parcel. According to the USDA crp report form, it is actually 38.5. Woohoo!! It has grown under my care! Last night , I sketched out five ideas for product for my home business to sell. I will be selling on Etsy. When I get it done I will link over so you can have a look. And there was the day about a week ago when we were standing at the front window and watching a pair of bald eagles and their mid-air cavorting. Then there is the cabinet that I need to get stained today. (we'll see how that goes).

And then there is planning. Little calms my mind and makes me feel peaceful like planning does. So I will take some time and plan today. I will plan some run in sheds for the horses. And I'd like a round pen.... and a bridge in the woods ... a small barn... Oh well, I wasn't going to get anything done when it started raining anyway.


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