Sunday, August 3, 2014


There are few things that dampen my disposition.  But I have to admit that the two that do are weather and finances.  There are things you can do about both, but in truth, you can't control either.  You can mitigate, but you can't control.

I can go into details but I'm sure you know what I mean.  All it takes is a lay off or a broken down automobile and a family's finances can be thrown totally off track, never mind the effects of a disease or recession.

But today my attitude is pretty good.  The truck is paid off.... finally!  This spring we went through rain storms and deluges.  Then the last three weeks there hasn't been a drop of rain.  Every thing was drying up.  The ground was cracking.  Then this morning we had a nice little shower.  Not enough but it made everything look brighter, more alive.  All of the tired looking squash blossoms opened up and tipped to the sky.  The grass looks greener.  The sky is bluer.  You have to have a good attitude on a morning like this.  You just have to.


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